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Ref.No : 9631347 Tender value : 229200 View
Location : Uttar Pradesh Due Date : 07 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Ply 04 Mm Thick, Size. : - 08 Feet X 04 Feet, Isi,Cup Board Door Shutter Non-Decorative,Flush Door Shutter Non Decorative Type Core Of Black Board Construction With Frame.
Ref.No : 9631346 Tender value : 1447256 View
Location : Karnataka Due Date : 13 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Developemnt Of Road From Tent Circle To Indira Gandhi Road Of Ward No 60 Mysuru. .
Ref.No : 9631345 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : Gujarat Due Date : 07 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Arc Chute Assly For Motor Line Contactor To Clw Drg No.1 Twd -112- 005.
Ref.No : 9631344 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : Maharashtra Due Date : 29 Jun 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Container Lifting Arms And Its Accessories For Tata 1613 Model Refuse Compactor Vehicles At Santacruz Garage Under Ex. Eng. (Tr.) W.S.
Ref.No : 9631343 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : West Bengal Due Date : 08 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Bush For Fast Coupling H Type Dlw Drg Tpl-0383 Sheet 6 Of 10 Alt-D.
Ref.No : 9631342 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : Karnataka Due Date : 11 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Providing Food For Kkgbv Schools In Ballari District .
Ref.No : 9631341 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : Andaman and Nicobar Islands Due Date : 11 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Attendance Register, Add Gel Pen, Ball Pen, Ball Pen Refill, Bleaching Powder, Soap, Brown Paper Sheet, Bar Soap, Calculator, Candle, Cell Tape, Correction Fluid, Dak Pad, Desk Calendar Stand With Refill For 2014-15, Duplicating Paper, Duster, Dustbin, Envelop Clothed, Eraser, Electric Steel Tea Kettle, Fevi Stick, Fevicol, File Cover, File Plastic, File Tray, Flask, Finger Grip (Cash Counting Sponge), Gum, Glass Coaster, Hi-Lighting Pen, Harpik/Sanifresh, Jotter Pen, Lock & Key, Lamination Film, Mug Plastic , Match Gbox, Mat â??Coir, Mosquito Hit Spray, Mosquito Machine With Refill, Market Pen, Not Sheet Pad, Odonil, Paper Pin, Pencil, Peao Book, Pencil Battery, Pin Holder Containing Magnetic, Pencil Sharpener, Plastic Bucket, Pen Stand, Paper Knife, Room Freshener, Ruled Register, Removal Self Stick Pad, Removal Self Stick Pads, Scale â?? Plastic, Sealing Wax, Serving Tea Tray Set, Sketch Pen, Sooja, Stamp Pad, Stapler Machine, Short Hand Note Book, Scissor, Stationery Stock Register, Steel Mug, Steel Tea Spoon, Twine Ball, Torch Light, Turkey Towel, Tracing Paper, Toilet Brush, Vim Powder, Wall Clock With Music, Writing Note Pad, Water Filter, Water Glass, White Paper, Water Bucket, Xerox Paper, Dak Bag, Court Paper, Rechargeable Torch Light With Led Single Bulb, Hand Wash, Cell Pen And Mop.
Ref.No : 9631340 Tender value : 200000 View
Location : Rajasthan Due Date : 14 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Fresh Ration Items To Dig Ctc Itbp Force Alwar.
Ref.No : 9631339 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : Delhi Due Date : 29 Jul 2016
Tender Brief : Purchase Of Adult Advanced Cardiac Life Support With Integrated Skill Reporter - 05 Nos. .
Ref.No : 9631338 Tender value : Refer doc View
Location : Assam Due Date : 28 Jun 2016
Tender Brief : Supply Of Punched Washer A-18 Bis Specification No: Steel, I.S: 2016/1967 [Reaffirmed 2001]Or Latest

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